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Fly through the skies, chase down airships, shoot flying mines with dragons fireball and pass checkpoints.

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User: Guest
Date: 2015-04-08
or somewhat like Romeo and Juliet you see Tania and Edric can not be teotgher because of Lord Aldritch. well in Romeo and Juliet, Juliet pretends to be dead because she has to marry Paris, so Romeo can retrieve her after she is buried and they can live happily teotgher. Romeo learns of her Death and kills himself. Juliet finds Romeo dead and figures out he drank poison because he won\'t live without her. Seeing Romeo dead Juliet Kills Herself. so we all know that story i\'m just hoping it\'s not a sad story like Shakespeare wrote where the main characters die. Well you know I just remembered that they did a play on Romeo and Juliet in books one and two. So I know that Tania wouldn\'t let Rathina Kill Edric unless she goes with him. Because she can truly not Live without him, just like Romeo couldn\'t live with Juliet and Juliet couldn\'t live without Romeo. William Shakespeare was a true artist. I\'m Positive someday Allan Frewin Jones will be the new Shakespeare, of this Present Day Horrible World we live in. http://lioaitw.com [url=http://osrunk.com]osrunk[/url] [link=http://osijklhtm.com]osijklhtm[ /link]

User: Guest
Date: 2015-04-06
AFJ. Okay, two questions. Question 1. No, Shannon, I\'m airafd there\'s no map for The Enchanted Quest - I just didn\'t have time to draw one - but maybe I will have time later this year, and I\'ll post it online - what do you think? Oh - you guys did know I drew the map, didn\'t you?Question 2 - what can I tell you without giving stuff away? Okay try this riddle: - it seems that person 1 clearly has it bad for person 2 - but person 2 doesn\'t know if they should respond to person 1 - or even if they want to respond - but person 3 really doesn\'t like person 1 - and person 1 really doesn\'t like person 3 - person 2 doesn\'t know whether to trust person 3 - especially when person 3 does something really bad to person 2 - although not for bad reasons. Person 4? Well, I\'m going to keep you guessing about what happens with person 4, especially their relationship with person 1. Although, I will also tell you that person 5 really wants person 3 so much that person 2 has some real problems!And before anyone asks - I\'ll only tell you the answer to this riddle AFTER book 5 has come out, so there\'s no point it asking for more clues. Sorry - mouth zipped closed and padlocked till February.

User: Guest
Date: 2015-04-04
oh yeah rathina isnt bad raelly shes my favorite character obviously drake knew rathina had a thing for him so he took advantage of that fact and used her as his slave. I mean people will do a lot of impulsive crazy things in the name of love. oh yeah about love never dying in faerie i think when tania meets the divine harper, to make the faerie people immortal again love is gonna have to end up dying in faerie so that means edric is out of the picture and tania and connor are home free Oh Yeah!!!!! oh and sancha totally need and man in her life. it actually would be so cute if while rathina is killing edric or about to kill him, they should like stare in to each other\'s eyes and kiss it would be so cute i mean rathina does like the bad boys he he he he he he ..and then edric would not be super good like gay good as he was before (when i say gay i mean happy) but micheavious good. and tania and connor and rathina and edric would get married it would be adorable!

User: Guest
Date: 2015-04-03
when she was seen with her husband Brython)Sancha: White (as mr.jones said but srcead to wear so)Cordelia: Green (like mr.jones said)Zara: Blue (she always choose something blue in the books)Rathina: Red (look good on dark haired people in my opinion)Tania: Orange (on all the covers she\'s wearing a light orange dress)Oh and mr.jones i\'m am so glad you made this series when i first saw the book in a bookstore and read the back i knew right then that it would be a book that i would LOVE to read and and so i bought all the ones they had at the store at that time. anyway mr.jones when i read them i can\'t put them down not even at school (i read every chance i get at school) also when i\'m reading i get into them like i\'m actual there at that moment when i\'m reading you i thank because very few authors can pull me into their stories plus i myself wish i was living in the world of faerie so i can escape everything i hate and things that make me sad. But your books give me hope. i love them so much that i always want more of it like her past, EVERYTHING. Also, I wish i was just like Tania so i could travel to another WONDERFUL WORLD. i would also love to have a faerie wedding they sound so cool. THANK YOU SO MUCH MR.JONES for creating this wonderful world in your books.

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