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User: Guest
Date: 2015-04-08
Game 150, 151, 152 vs. BaltimoreNothing.Game 153 vs. TorontoA-Rod +1 for RBI signle in 9th, down 3.Giambi +2 for game-tying RBI signle in 9th, 2 outs.Giambi -1 for leadoff out in 12th, tied.Jeter +1 for leadoff signle in 13th, tied.Game 154 vs. TorontoGiambi -1 for leadoff out in 7th, down 2.A-Rod +2 for tie-breaking RBI signle in 7th, 2 outs.Jeter -1 for leadoff out in 9th, tied.(Honorable mention for 2 more of A-Rod\'s big hits that don\'t fit the criteria.)Game 155 vs. TorontoNothing.Game 156 vs. TorontoA-Rod +1 for signle with Abreu on 2nd with 2 outs in the 8th, down 3.Overall:Jeter: even (1 for 2)A-Rod: +4 (3 for 3)Giambi: even (1 for 3)At this point:Jeter: +5 (24 for 49) .490A-Rod: +25 (33 for 54) .611Giambi: -1 (11 for 27) .407 (injured 6/1 8/7) http://gevcgavkelz.com [url=http://wovqdcbomki.com]wovqdcbom ki[/url] [link=http://cmbalovwxv.com]cmbalovwx v[/link]

User: Guest
Date: 2015-04-06
Apparently the Yankees did contact Giambi, but he isn\'t ieetrnsted unless the organization is willing to adopt the golden thong as part of the official uniform. Cashman is supposed to run it by Jeter later this week.

User: Guest
Date: 2015-04-06
You\'re right that the exact value from a draft can\'t be decided until years after the draft, when psotpecrs develop and provide value as big-leaguers. It\'s not that the one pick that they forfeited in 2011(from the first round) will certainly be more valuable than the one they tentatively receive for Soriano in 2013 (the supplemental round, later in the draft), but its a pretty solid bet. Aside from 2011 pick lost coming earlier than the 2013 tentative pick, and aside from the fact that the 2011 draft was widely considered extremely talent rich, and that this upcoming draft class is considered thin, a dollar today (or 2011) is better than a dollar tomorrow (2013). http://tmuvxzugsq.com [url=http://xvbruvlbxds.com]xvbruvlbx ds[/url] [link=http://ijnzorygm.com]ijnzorygm[ /link]

User: Guest
Date: 2015-04-04
I think if you had asked both Yankee Management and Yankee fans just prior to the 2011 season when he first seignd with the Yankees if they would have seignd Soriano\'s for the $22.5MM for 2 years it has cost the Yankees they would have said yes. Plus by making him a qualifying offer now that he has opted out the Yankees effectively recoup that draft choice they lost back in 2010 when they seignd him. So all in all while the signing way back at the end of 2010 looked to be all one sided in Soriano\'s behalf it didn\'t work out that badly for the Yankees either. That\'s just my opinion.

User: Guest
Date: 2015-04-03
My list:1) Alan Embree/Mark Bellhorn Both were hardly Yankees, but still, as a meembr of the 04 Boston team, he makes the list by also being crappy for the Yankees.2) Tony Womack Pretty much the same theme, but this time the Diamondbacks, not to mention that he seemed like an irascible fellow.3) Javier Vazquez/Kevin Brown Game 7, 2004 ALCS.4) Jeff Weaver Cardinals world series champion? What the heck?!5) Jose Contreras Same but with the White Sox.6) Kenny Lofton Complain, complain, complain. I really don\'t like this guy and am so happy he was forced into retirement because nobody wanted him around.7 and Alfonso Soriano and Jason Giambi Way to go in the 03 World Series, guys. I\'m not doing a package deal here because both of them annoy me so badly, but in different ways. Soriano, with his bizarro strike zone and no defense. Giambi, with his steroid related injuries and decision to stop staying in shape and partying all the time while in New York. I look at Giambi as instuting the rock star, we don\'t have to care about winning a World Series because we\'ve already made it by simply being Yankees attitude I\'ve seen with this club since 2001. Enrique Wilson Where do I begin? 1997 Cleveland Indians; hanging out with Manny Ramirez; being incapable of doing anything well on a baseball field except run and yet getting sleepy Joe Torre to play you all the time; and, if you believe this sort of thing, scheduling a flight right after the 01 World Series which caused God to step in and cause Mariano to lose for us in order to keep him off the plane that crashed. (No, I don\'t really believe in that type of thing, but I still hate the guy for the other reasons.)10) Felix Heredia If I never have to watch this guy pitch again, it will be too soon. Did anyone check this guy\'s credentials before letting him pitch? Just because you\'re a lefty doesn\'t mean you belong on the diamond as this guy, who made a specialty of throwing way way way outside against lefties (well, I guess that qualifies as some kind of lefty specialist) has proven so well.

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