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Kax Icon
3 Stars Icon
This game is definitely not as simple as it looks.
Keith Annihilation Icon
3 Stars Icon
Keith Annihilation
Help end the Vietnam War before it starts.
Kerry Bush Bash Icon
3 Stars Icon
Kerry Bush Bash
Finally a real educational game. History at its best!
Kill Bill Icon
3 Stars Icon
Kill Bill
Help her kill everyone.
Kill Kenny Icon
3 Stars Icon
Kill Kenny
You've got to try and save Kenny from his evil friends!
King of Buttons Icon
3 Stars Icon
King of Buttons
Click on the buttons with your mouse to push them in endurance, time trial, challenge and reflex matches.
Kumkang Icon
3 Stars Icon
Help the little raccoon collect the shoes scattered all over the place and avoid getting caught.
Kung Fu Statesman Icon
3 Stars Icon
Kung Fu Statesman
Guide your MP through the levels avoiding troublesome protesters.
La Hague Icon
3 Stars Icon
La Hague
Help Greenpeace protect the earth, collect the dumped nuclear waste from the bed of the sea.
La Pescuit Icon
3 Stars Icon
La Pescuit
Move your boat around and pick the fish in the lake.
Labirinto Icon
3 Stars Icon
Get all the colorful balls scattered around a maze to the goal, before the time runs out.
Lemmings Icon
3 Stars Icon
Help the Lemmings migrate safely to the exit by using the various tools provided.
Letters Game ++ Icon
3 Stars Icon
Letters Game ++
Type the letters in the bubbles to destroy them and protect your city.
Little Soldiers Icon
3 Stars Icon
Little Soldiers
Cool strategy game where you control the little soldiers.
Lord Of The Stars Icon
3 Stars Icon
Lord Of The Stars
The dark lord, Staruman is ruling over all the creatures. Explore all the lands and collect the star
LOTR Battle Icon
3 Stars Icon
LOTR Battle
Lord Of the Ring Battle, fight.
Magus RPG Icon
3 Stars Icon
Magus RPG
Play as Magus in this Chrono Trigger style game, use space for actions and m to bring up the menu and equip armor.
Manic Medic Icon
3 Stars Icon
Manic Medic
Work as a paramedic rescue team member, drive the ambulance around the streets picking up serious pa
Mansion Impossible Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mansion Impossible
Buy and sell houses in the volatile property market, to make enough money to buy the 10 Million Pound mansion.
Mario gunman Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mario gunman
Browser and his army almost destroyed your bank, try to stop them!
Maus Force Attack Icon
3 Stars Icon
Maus Force Attack
Fly through the skies in your plane, shoot down helicopters and enemy planes with bullets or bombs.
Megaman Goes To Hell Icon
3 Stars Icon
Megaman Goes To Hell
A funny parody where Megaman, the game character, goes to hell.
Megaman Polarity Icon
3 Stars Icon
Megaman Polarity
Change shield polarities to absorb enemy blasts, power up your mega blaster and find Bass to destroy him.
Megaman Vs Quickman Icon
3 Stars Icon
Megaman Vs Quickman
Megaman faces off with Quickman in a tribute to Capcoms Megaman II game.
Megaman Vs. Ghosts n Goblins Icon
3 Stars Icon
Megaman Vs. Ghosts n Goblins
Megaman fights off the characters from ghosts and goblins.
Megaman Vs. Metroid Icon
3 Stars Icon
Megaman Vs. Metroid
Help Megaman take down Samus.
Metroid Elements Icon
3 Stars Icon
Metroid Elements
Guide Samus Aran through the dangerous Pyramid and destroy all the Metroids and defeat Ridley.
Metroid Genesis Icon
3 Stars Icon
Metroid Genesis
Help Samus Aran defeat the Metroid army and retrieve the DNA sample from planet Newgren.
Millenium Fighter Icon
3 Stars Icon
Millenium Fighter
Fly around with your jet shoot down enemy fighers and return to home base when mission is accomplished.
Mister Fox Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mister Fox
This game you play Mister Fox going through obstacles, just like the good old days.
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